Yesterday, an old friend asked me: “Is your new house better than the old one?”
My answer is “A castle, and I wear princess dress almost everyday.”

That’s a fun conversation between friends,
however I do believe that I am wearing beautiful clothes every single day,
because I’m happy.

I never want to grow up,
I’m still that little girl who loves and tries to do everything that she can,
a teenager who wants to live a wonderful life with no regret.
That’s just the way I chose to live,
life should be as simple as it is,
don’t mess it up.

Just, you know,
Live your life to the fullest!

Time for coffee and Jdorama,
& I’m much better than how I was some days ago,
maybe I’ll back to work tomorrow.







6dongdong top & accessories | Roxy jeans | DIY All-star


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