2 Glasses

I’m checking out Japanese street fashion,
they’re way too cool – just like always
for you guys who would like to check it out sometimes, this is my favorite page
Japanese streetstyle
I’ve been hanging on this site for more than 3 years,
a huge source of inspiration for me

Japanese street style is never about high technique and expensive material,
they wear casual stuff in the craziest way that I can ever imagine,
mixing colors and matching different pieces to create an impressive outfit.

+ They pay a lot attention on details,
handmade accessories are cool stuff.

On the other hand, they mix up high class fashion brand with some funky items,
the result is just as cool as it should be.

Hair and nails and make up are really important,
for sure they’re amazing and unique.
Hardly can find any of those style anywhere else.

They do not dress whatever they want without any rules,
there are different style in Japanese street fashion and it took me years to research.
Anyway, not digging  any deeper ’cause I can talk about this topic ALL DAY LONG.
Seriously, I love Japanese street style way too much.

See, this blog post is the longest one that I’ve ever wrote.

Off to bed now!

6dongdong Tee & Skirt & Accessories | Kstyle rings | Bag bough in Hoi An | Nike Dunk
Make up & Photos by ChandraV

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