Style it 3 ways

I love playing with clothes,
adding some different pieces to one basic thing,
it turns you into a total different person, style, personality…
that’s the reason why your outfits say a lot about you.

I love wearing loose fit stuff,
& I’m a fan of sneakers instead of heels or flats.
However, sometimes I wear unusual stuff to refresh myself,
and to maximize the usage of my very cute Mitte tee X)

Style it 3 waysb

Look 1: Style it chic
Mitte Tee + Shorts + ASOS wedged sneakers + Hat + Colorful bracelets & rings

IMG_2029 copy

IMG_2032 copy

IMG_2064 copy

Look 2: Style it formal
Mitte Tee + Cardigan + Ninomaxx straight jeans + Skull heels + Enveloped bag + A pair of glasses

IMG_2099 copy

IMG_2120 copy

IMG_2121 copy

Look 3: Style it wild
Mitte Tee + White layered midi skirt + ALDO peep toe boots + Camo hoodie + Tribal wallet

IMG_2136 copy

IMG_2151 copy

IMG_2167 copy

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