Blue on white

First time wearing 6dongdong 40ºC collection (our summer collection) out.
This raglan high-low crop top is mixed material: felt sleeves and cotton body.
Simple but easy to style.

I wanted to give it a total summer look so:
Blue crop top + white pants + white & grey sneakers + tote + red bracelets,
and added an Eiffel pins.

Plus our collection is launched on 6dongdong facebook page
Check out the first design and how we styles it guys!



Accidentally me and my bff were wearing matching outfits last weekend.
We had an amazing night out, chatting and laughing crazily,
we went shopping and treated ourselves something cool at Palladium store.
it’s so much fun hanging out with my her as always.

Plus I’m kinda obsessed with my outfits
so selfie time you know.


6dongdong crop top & bracelet | Nike sneakers | Billabong tote | Eiffel pin at Saigon Flea Market

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