Old school and Orange

My OnO style for an amazing day,
the weather was so good.

I’m so in love with this super slim jeans from Mango, the color is brilliant !!!

I’m a huge fan of shirt, especially boy shirts (mentioned so many times),
don’t know why I had been waiting for so long to get myself one of them.
My boy/men shirt collection is growing up really fast,
and exploring how to style ’em is so much fun.

Now it’s my hibernation
I’m spending all my time drawing these days,
I never know when I want to start drawing and have enough inspiration to draw.
I’ve been waiting for 1 month to find my motivation of drawing,
it just suddenly come up and I knew that I have to put it on paper.

However, that’s good way to release stress,
I can spend all days at my desk and communicate with my sketchbook,
don’t have to think too much about the world outside.

It’s Friday everyone!










IMG_2599GAP boy shirt | Mango jeans | Nike camo backpack & sneakers | DIY skull bracelets | Gifted studded bracelets

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