That red

Oh hi Oct!

I’ve been working on my new portfolio for 5 days, just remind myself that I’m a graphic designer, not a daydreamer – which I always take as my full-time job.

I miss those things honestly, sitting in front of my laptop, with Photoshop and InDesign on screen,
drinking coffee and listening to my fav. songs, working non-stop, when I say ‘non-stop’, I really mean it the way it is.
While concentrate on work, I can hardly leave the desk except for urgent situation like… you-know-what-it-is, then passed out 2:30 or 3AM.

Those were the days,
let that reality become my dream and my dream become reality.

Anyway, the season of joy is finally started.
The truth is I don’t wait for Oct and don’t expect it to come this early.
So many things that I’m working on and now I’m afraid that nothing could be done on time.

IMG_3932IMG_3930 IMG_3935 IMG_3944

6dongdong red pants | GAP boy shirt | Nike Dunk skyhigh | the Officials snap back

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