Phuket Haul


We went shopping at Central Festival Phuket after visiting Phuket Aquarium.
And I felt in love with this skull pattern cap the very first moment I saw it in WORKSHOP store.
Skull is the one and only reason I need to know, no more.
The cap is very cute and well made, nice pattern and fine details. I have to say I always pay attention on details,
kinda picky sometimes but this one is good.

DSC_4631DSC_4634DSC_5558And yea, you can see lil’ skulls on my Vondutch bag (it was on sale, I HAD to have it!)
It’s been ages since the last time I buy anything from Vondutch, there were many more that catches my eyes,
like black leather boy wallet, silver chains,…  all I can do is being so ignored to them (sad story)

And Clarins, as I changed my skincare product a while ago.
Clarins is good for my skin, that’s good news.

DSC_5560Notebooks/ Craftbook from weekend market.
I’m a hopeless notebook collector, I collect so many that can’t even use them all.

DSC_5562Vans camo boy wallet,
I always tent to buy boy stuff as you guys can tell, I don’t know why it’s so unfair ’cause boys get so many cooler
designs than girls. How come? Anyway, I’m so happy adding this one to my camo collection. So cute!


Next socks (the colorful ones are from men’s stall),
I’ve been searching for this kind of socks for so long so the second I saw them, I knew for sure they’re going to go home with me.

Army green Converse bag (the grey one is not mine),
portable and it can store enough essential things of mine for a day out. You’ll see how much I’ve been obsessed with it
after purchasing. It’s a plus!IMG_6686I’m a huge fan of CacaCola logo, why not? It’s fun and vibrant.
Plus, I also collect these stuff like drink cans, as long as they’re beautiful and eye catching.

IMG_6693DSC_4221DSC_4219Liptop ice-cream is not my taste but Ichitan (Apple Kiwi) juice is my fave.
Very cute package illustration when you see the whole series.

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