Across the Border

Cover6dongdong’s latest mini collection Across the Border is launched.

The first photo shoot took place on rooftop of my friend’s condominium.
It’s been ages since our last time shooting outdoor, this is for some fresh feeling, soft and tender mix and match.

Across the border_Croptop 0Across the border_Shift dress 2Across the border_Croptop 2Across the border_Bf tee 1 Across the border_Bf tee 4 Across the border_Bf tee 3 Across the border_Bf tee 2Across the border_Croptop 3Across the border_Croptop 1 Across the border_Midi 4 Across the border_Midi 3 Across the border_Midi 2Across the border_shorts 1 Across the border_shorts 2Across the border_Swing dress 1Across the border_Swing dress 3Across the border_Swing dress 2

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