Map midi dress – MIXING UP

1 - Map midi mixing up

For a special day when 07 + 07 = 14, we do a small Mixing Up project with our latest midi dress – Map
from Across the Border mini collection.

1. Go chic.

Map midi dress is neutral color and kinda boring when you wear it alone,
adding a pop of red of sneakers and bracelets to make it fun.
In fact, you can add whichever color you want to, just make sure you won’t over do it with so many bright colored accessories.

DSC_6986 DSC_6984

2. Go mature with black

Try to dress this up with laced kimono and black accessories, we add some punk accessories to make the whole look less formal.
Black can go with any thing, yea, every color can get along really well with black.
Just give it a try, you’ll see.

DSC_6995 DSC_6999

3. Dress it down.

Wrap a shirt around you hip, roll up your sleeves, wear sneakers and fun accessories – perfect for a down-to-earth look.

DSC_7013 DSC_7015

4. Keep it warm

Sweatshirt and midi dress, why not? Go sporty with summer, you can’t go wrong.


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