Simply the best

CoverIt’s been ages since the last time I can wake up at 6:30 am all by myself,
you know sleeping is always the biggest weakness of me.

Currently I’m taking a short break from all my madness, it is amazing helpful to my body – I mean mentally.
I (and most of us – youngster) work without paying any attention on our health,
we’re young I know, but not for long so why not taking a vacation to recover.

Taking my The Half dress on vacation with me,
this one since it was born, was my favorite dress and will always be.
Simple shape, denim color, no need any accessories – the opposite of my style and also my favorite sometimes.
So simply the best, I guess.

Anyway, Sunday’s the best day of the week, enjoy it everyone!

DSC_4911DSC_4924DSC_4915 DSC_4925DSC_4907DSC_4941DSC_4946DSC_4933

6dongdong The Half dress | ZARA wedged sneakers | Converse bag | Forever 21 shades | H&M midi ring

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