Outside is much better

IMG_8423Taking time watching movie, chatting while having a cup of coffee and then enjoying our favorite street food,
that’s a perfect package for an awesome date with my guys.
My Saigon is changing so fast, I was like someone who’s back from the moon these days ’cause some how I feel lost in my city,
here and there with so many new buildings, coffee shops, restaurants… growing up every single day,
I’m way too behind reality, have to catch up now!

I love having fun starting any new project, I mean, fresh air and friends can clear out my head, leave space for positive energy,
especially it helps refresh my creative mind. I’m not the type who knows how enjoy life, I’m the type enjoy life as a solution to work better.
Time doesn’t want to wait for me, I have to chase after it.
Sometimes I just don’t know how I spend all my days in just a blink of an eye. No excuse for the lazy me I know, just a thought.
It’s fun to work, like always. Chop chop chop!

IMG_8426IMG_8434IMG_8436IMG_84546dongdong Vacay White shorts | HotlikeSaigon shirt | Converse bag | Uniqlo shades | H&M necklace


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