Dean & Deluca

CoverNice place with delicious food and beautiful cakes.
You can google Dean and Deluca to find the right shop near your place. It’s quite easy to go to Dean & Deluca from our place,
only 2 stations away from my friend’s office. We walked there.

They serve Western food and coffee with cakes, you can choose to sit inside the coffee area or at the restaurant.
My Rum and Raisin ice-cream was good, Americano was fine.
The second time I was there to have breakfast, so many choices but quite difficult to pick cause mostly they come with cheese (my bad).
I was satisfied anyway, too full to walk.

Especially you can pick up some classy stuff there, quite expensive but beautiful enough.
Check out the place if you’re in Bangkok.

DSC_7181DSC_7183IMG_8106IMG_8118IMG_8107 copyIMG_8121IMG_8260IMG_8136IMG_8134IMG_8116 IMG_8114 IMG_8111b IMG_8111 IMG_8107


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