Mono Mono

CoverSometimes I just want to put nothing on me, wear no accessories, simply a plain dress, put on my sneakers,
and that’s it.

There are days we don’t feel like dressing up, so just in case of that, we should stock something that can go well all by its own,
my new dress works just fine today ’cause I had such a long working day outside under the heat.
In return, I treated myself which I love the most in this world – Latte and fried rice with kimchi, not a really nice combination,
but so satisfied so that’s all I need.

I’m expecting to launch something new next month, and this design is a part of that project.
Not really sure whether I can come up with everything on time or not, just going to try my best (since last year to be honest).

Wish me luck, thank you!
Now off to bed, it’s 1:47am. I have trouble with sleeping now, really big trouble.

IMG_8742IMG_8733IMG_8740IMG_8734Nike Dunk Sky Hi sneakers | Converse bag

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