White on White

CoverI’m sitting here in my boring room and dreaming of another getaway,
in fact, I did plan a list of places I wanna go and things I wanna do. All that lasts is finding the right company.

The best thing of going away from my mother land is a short distraction from reality,
I mean I always love diving deeply in work and of course, lot of stress. So enjoy my temporary freedom is the best way to recover.
I love going out to see new things, to meet new people and to live in a total different environment.
From there, I learn many new things, be more creative and gain so much energy to go back to work. Awesome right?
I guess that’s the reason why people love traveling that much.

Now back to work before any holidays can start,
have a extremely  awesome day guys!

DSC_7210DSC_7201DSC_7205DSC_7197DSC_7208DSC_7204DSC_7193DSC_7214DSC_7198 DSC_7209 DSC_7207

6dongdong croptop & Vacay White shorts | Converse sneakers | Good After Nine skull ring | H&M spikes necklace
Photos by Kunl Tran

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