Cosmetic Haul

DSC_7862Have I ever mentioned that cream cheek is one of my favorite beauty product?

Luckily I found Canmake about some years ago and keep using it until now,
it’s just a Japanese make up brand for teens, however the cream cheek is perfect. I mean they have about 6 or 8 shades,
and they’re total different from each other when you apply them on your skin.

I’m using orange cream cheek the most, and now even add cheek powder to have it more orange (I love those orange cheeks no matter what).
The red one is good for anytime you look way to pale to go out and way too tired to put on make up to cover your sick face.
Lately I found the nude pink shade, OMG freaking cool color for black eyeliner.

Moving on to eyeliner, I’ve been searching for a perfect one but unfortunately I haven’t found it yet.
The IN2IT eyeliner which I found on my last trip to Thailand is kinda good,
but with the wet weather of Saigon, it cannot stay too long.

And finally I bought myself new perfume after breaking my Paris Hilton bottle, I guess it was a sight for me to move on.
Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold is the new choice.
It’s not easy to find a flowery and cool scent in VS, ’cause I’m not a fan of sweet and sexy scent. So welcome to my team.


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