Punk chic

CoverLet me say this straight from the very first line: white and hot pink and black is a perfect trio.
Our new Viola crop top can be turned from feminine to edgy with my hot pink skinny jeans, black Converse and some statement accessories.

Glad that I can finally reveal the whole collection ’cause I’ve been working hard for the last 2 weeks,
this time is kinda an adventurous step when I try to experience with sheer and lace.
This is not the first time I’ve been working with those materials, but last time is my personal project, so who cares how it turned out.
However working on collection is much harder, I had to try and redo quite a lot to choose the finals.

Hope that all of our customers out there are pleased with our new mini collection!
Check it out on 6dongdong Facebook, thanks!

DSC_8576DSC_8565DSC_8557DSC_8588DSC_8556DSC_85796dongdong Viola croptop | American Eagle skinny jeans | Converse sneakers | DIY Spiked bracelet | Gifted cross necklace|
Good After Nine skull ring | H&M midi ring

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