Camo and Black

CoverI know I’m a sucker for camo, whenever and wherever I don’t really care, I want to go with camo all the time.
I always stick to straight line dress that make every move so easily & that’s what my body shape tells me to do.

It’s October already, and Saigon is still crying almost every day.
I really want to do something better than just black and camo all the time but it’s just so me, you know, never easy to change what you like.
My 2014 is almost gone, I’m quite scared of what will happen next year,
life is unpredictable while I’m a make-everything-so-sure kid, so it’s always so tense moving to a new chapter.
Ok, just a little curious. Wait till 2015 to show up. Now time to enjoy my Sunday off!


6dongdong Fighter dress | ALDO booties | H&M rings | Forever21 necklace
Photos by Chi Mai

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