Speed up

CoverSome people may find it’s hard to style a girly thing into chic look, here comes my resolution for the Viola croptop
– which is very girly and very feminine in my point of view.
I do it comfy with my camo mini skirt, grey slip on and yea, good to go.
I’m not so into princess look so that’s why I always try to style my outfits somehow down-to-earth.

Hah, being back from an exciting trip is difficult for me to getting back to reality, even though I’m back to work
on the very first day I’m home. And now working full speed is not enough to take back the time I spend on my trip (don’t know why there’s so
much work to deal with.)
However, I decided to play it big this time, so now all-day-all-night at work, which I find very fun in the weird way.
Hope that this year end season would give me some luck.


6dongdong Viola croptop | H&M necklace | Sneakers bought at Chatuchak market (Thailand)

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