CoverI am very in the mood of going black all the time.

Black maxi skirt and sheered cardigan is such an awesome combination, all I have to do is adding some gold spikes.
I’m good at using black, or black is an easy to use color, I don’t really care ’cause I’m always feeling cool in black.
Black is a helpful solution whenever I’m too busy and have no idea what I should wear when I have to go out.
My working day is now longer with so many things on the go, so many things have to be done,
designs and samples are waiting, photoshoot plans,… you know, that’s a real chaos and I find it’s very hard to take time
and write anything because all that left in my brain is time table and deadlines.

Yea, so just go freaking all black everything!


6dongdong Darker maxi & Witch cardigan | Adidas SLVR shoes | DIY rings, bracelet, anklet

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