Between the bars

CoverEnd of rainy season in Saigon and it’s quite cold at night, just by looking back at these photos makes me want to jump out of my workshop and go travel again.

I’m doing a movie marathon with all the films I missed and all the ones I wanted to watch for so long. Both in cinema and on DVD. Suddenly I have a collage of Stuck in love, The perks of being a wallflower and Fury, which are all starring Logan Lerman (my current obsession). I love Stuck in love out of them all, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like the other two, they’re all perfect to me.
My very impressed scene of Stuck in love is when Samantha and Lou were sitting in their car and it was raining outside. Lou played his favorite song Between the bars  and when Elliott Smith’s warm and soft voice flying in the air, I was like stop breathing. Then Samantha cried, she said “I’m scared, very scared” – that for sure was one of the best love scene I ever watched, when a young and broken hearted girl accepts the fact that she’s in love and it scares the hell out of her. ‘Cause she’s always run away from such thing, she doesn’t want to fall for someone ’cause she’s afraid of breaking.

Stuck in love is a great movie, even though it ended up happily like every love story on film, it motivates us to believe in something very hard to believe in, asks us to patiently waiting for your true love and never loose hope, because love is something unidentified but worth trying for.

Movie is somehow the better picture of life, I always keep that thought. However we roll on everyday of our life, we still can get a right reason or even small motivation after watching a good movie (or listening to the right song), it’s unexpectedly effected you know, or at least to me. And my blog post is getting really long this time, it’s worth marking this moment, it’s all about moments.

Have a nice weekend guys!

DSC_7369DSC_7382DSC_7390DSC_7396DSC_7386DSC_73666dongdong top | H&M rings | Bata shoes | Friend’s anklets & hat
Photos by Kunl

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