CoverBack to black series.

To support the dark side of me, I do a little of black here and there. I do love black, so much that I wish my wedding could be covered by this color. I want to have a black wedding dress (and Vera Wang has some serious beautiful ones), I want a skull wedding ring, I want to design my invitation with black and skull pattern, I want to tattoo my creepy illustration all over my back, I want it to be all black, all dark, all deep in emotion. And I mean it, that’s the true me, even though I always seem to blend in with people around me, I really have something that’s not in common with them. The question is ‘why do we have to all look the same?’, each individual person can stand out the way he/she wants to, and I really appreciate people who have that strong characteristic. Because sometimes, society does a very bad job on our life, and forces us to become someone else, someone that looks normal and acts normally.

I’ve been through many things to get to this stage of mind, where I can really ignore what people think about me. How they talk about my life/ my outfits/ my personality does not change anything about my life, I can’t be richer, can’t even get any poorer. Even when I’m at the bottom of the world, nothing really matters but how I feel about myself. You should be the one and only person who trusts and supports yourself, ’cause no one else does.

We’ll all die one day, just don’t let your life be your graveyard.


6dongdong Phantom mesh dress & Dressix sleeveless dress & Hato Denim shorts | Adidas SLVR shoes | H&M necklace

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