Going back

CoverI mean back to dreaming,
Excited to say that I’m flying to Đà Nẵng this afternoon, this is a very surprised trip that was announced about a week ago. My old friend and also my favorite friend is getting married, and it’s the very first time I fly away from my hometown to attend a wedding, you know, it surely can prove how important she is to me. Thinking of our friendship is like the most peaceful memory I’ve ever had, she’s like a friend, a big sister, a teacher that I always look up to. She’s talented, an amazing writer I’ve ever known, and looking at her getting up from many worst things in life, I can feel how strong she is and that inspired me. She’s a smart woman and I can know for sure whoever she chose, that one is just as special as her. And even though we’ve been so busy in life that can barely see each other, we still are special ones to each other, just like our old days.

See you soon, Đà Nẵng.


Photos taken by Blakray
@Ninh Bình

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