Maison de Tau


Day like today is my day off. I work just a little bit and work at any time that I feel like it. The rest of the time is for movies, maybe movie all the time and enjoy my favorite biscuit with tea. And if it’s possible, I wish I could be at this garden again, enjoy a cup of coffee and read my new book while listening to music. I love the color green of tree, not flower, just the color of green leaves. I was quite impressed the fist moment I stepped into this beautiful garden, just like a different world, ’cause I didn’t expected to see what I really love in such a strange city.

The generous owner let us stay 2 nights for free and thanks to him I could wake up in the morning at 7 and feel the happiness dancing inside my heart. Con Sò Lông Opera – the cafe shop with love, beautiful place for anyone who would like to have an amazing cafe date in Hội An. The owner of this garden, by looking at him taking care of every little tree, I can see how much he loves it, and clearly can explain why it is that much beautiful. I don’t looking for beauty in perfection, I see things in the most beautiful way they can be, and this garden is watered every day with love and care, that’s how beauty looks like to me.

One day I’ll be back, maybe just to say hi to the garden.

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@ Hội An

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