CoverI go places and enjoy things, and I easily fall in love with every little thing I see on my way. Evey blank page of my book of life is deserved to be filled with beautiful photos and quotes from places I visit. Even though each of us has so many different ways to enjoy life, I think one of the best way is going out & seeing new things. I feel like a tiny tiny tiny girl in this huge world, and that’s living is supposed to be fun all the time. If we can’t release all those stressful things that haunting us everyday, we should break away and go out for a while. I can spend all my day lying on the beach, listening to my favorite songs, and whenever I look at the wide blue sky above my head, I feel so alive.

So just go any where guys, planned or unplanned, ’cause we just don’t have enough time to waste.
Have a fun life guys!


6dongdong Battle tee | Shoes bought at Chatuchak market (Thailand)

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