Mixing up – ICE sweatshirt

1 - CoverThe Ice sweatshirt, creamy white, very easy to style and suitable for cool weather. I come up with some ideas to dress it in different situation.

1. Hanging out with your friends – with tribal shorts and colorful accessories.
(ICE sweatshirt + FESTI shorts + Bata’s shoes)

DSC_19512. Birthday party with layered skirt and heels. Black and white together is always timeless, classic, formal in whichever form it is.
(ICE sweatshirt + TWINKLE skirt)

DSC_19573. Working day in a form of carefree bird – an all white look for a very good day of your week.
(ICE sweatshirt + ToU skirt + Converse sneakers)

DSC_19854. Running errands – jeans is your perfect friend whenever you have to be out on the streets all day to do things.
(ICE sweatshirt + Young and Faded jeans)

DSC_19745. Dating – sweatshirt can be feminine and cute.
(ICE sweatshirt + DANCE dress)


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