CoverHunting game is fun. I love the reward after each time I bring home something new for my collection. This time I do 2 double shots, 2 from Bangkok and 2 from the US. It’s not easy to find exactly what I want however last time was my super duper lucky chance.

That moment when I walked into the Adidas Originals store in Siam Center and these cobalt beauties got my eyes stick on them like… forever. That oversized cobalt tote that I’ve been waiting for so long was lying right in front of me, what else could I do? I’ve been trying on the red one and the black with zebra patterned foil one before but the cobalt is my most favorite of them all. Oh and the cobalt backpack is a must-have to me, not because it’s easy to style or anything, but because it’s in cobalt and it’s my favorite color of Adidas Originals. I, for sure, could not miss that chance. So I assume myself as a lucky one to get so many favorite things in a very short period of time.

My guilty pleasure temporary ends for a while, but I’m happy enough. Can’t wait to find a chance to style them in a very near future.


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