Mixing up – MOJO skirt


Mojo skirt is our target this time, our new Mixing Up project to show how blue can combine with other color. It doesn’t matter which color you have in hand, it’s the way you put them together, like adding jewels and shoe.

1. Cobalt on Blue

Basix Cobalt + Mojo

2. Denim on Blue

Shirt + Mojo

3. Purple on Blue

Dream + Mojo

4. Oversize Grey on Blue

Dust + Mojo

5. Black on Blue

Mud + Dressix Black + Mojo

6. White on Blue

Ice + Mojo

7. Red on Blue

No6 Sun + Mojo

8. Stripes/Pattern on Blue

Runner + Mojo

9. Grey sweatshirt on Blue

Vow + Mojo

10. Turquoise on Blue

Skyline + Mojo

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