Zero & Six

CoverI’m a typical Asian girl and have a very typical way of wishing for a healthy and wealthy new Lunar year. Tet is so close and I’m lying in my quiet room, listening to my favorite songs and dreaming of my fabulous new year. Tet is always my favorite festival of all, my city has some kinda special feeling during Tet, peace and quiet and beautiful. There’s nothing can beat the atmosphere when I’m out on the First day of Lunar new year, a total different world that happens only once a year and last for only 1 day.

Looking back at everything of the year of the Horse, I’m satisfied, I very am. Growing up and dealing with life is a long journey, and I guess I conquer the first stage. This year, I put the first brick to build my dream kingdom, and nothing can be better. I’m looking forward to new opportunities next year, to grow stronger and to be stable. Wild soul with big dream, that’s what makes life fun, mine.

Let’s finish some last work of this old year to welcome the year of the Goat.


6dongdong Zero&Six tee , tribal shorts | Converse sneakers | Marc by Marc Jacobs bag | Brooch made by Kunl

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