So this is Tet

CoverMung 3 Tet – the Third day of Tet, somehow we can say Tet is done when this day comes. I had a plan of taking some photos of Tet in Saigon, however my plan fail. My city didn’t do much of deco this year, and the street is empty, so there’s kinda nothing to capture. Tet is in the atmosphere, it’s how we feel, not really about how it looks. Everyone is back to their hometown with family, Saigonese goes travel somewhere else, the rest stays here and enjoys the very quiet Saigon – which rarely can be seen all year long.

Wearing red (or anything in red tone) during Tet is kinda a traditional, not really what we have to do, but we normally do this because we want to have a wonderful new year and to bring happiness to each other while hanging out or visiting our relatives. We can’t say much about Tet when you’re in Saigon, but Hanoi has an extremely different image during Tet, you should try going there at this time of the year.


Uniqlo shirt and skinny jeans | ASOS sneakers | ALDO sunglasses

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