New door

1 - CoverPardon my wrinkled shirt, I ran straight out of bed that morning. Now I’m kinda enjoy my last free Sunday before heading back to work, I mean non-stop working. Last week was extremely hard for me and I’m glad that I could finish everything just right on time. Yesterday, me and my new crew did our first shooting for the new brand, and I’m soooooo excited. Feel like my very first target of 2015 is so ready to be set, I can’t wait to share the news.

My (our) long awaited project will launch in 3 weeks from now. I did put a lot of heart and soul into this one, now praying for it to become brilliant in 2015, and I have my faith that it will be. Hopefully this new door will lead me and my crew to the next level in our career, ’cause I’m full of ideas and things that need to be spill out *crossed fingers*

Hi March, please be nice!


Uniqlo shirt | Mango ripped jeans | Nike Dunk Sky Hi sneakers | Cotton On sunglasses | Claire’s rings | H&M necklace

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