CoverUNISIX is out for a while, some first steps are the hardest ones, we have to spend a little more time to arrange everything. However, I made such a big step which seems like a revolution to me. Doing exactly what I always try to do but fail so many times before. Even though I chose a safe way with simple and basic designs for the first collection, I still can’t believe that those things are made by me literally.

I might say, we move fast because we try hard, and when we can’t even move, it’s because we didn’t try hard enough. I’ve been working on the new brand for quite long, it contains so many new things which I have to learn and I have to try. Working in fashion world is not as easy as it looks like, not as fancy as it seems to be, I’m an amateur the day I started up everything, and still I’m an amateur now, the only thing that changed is this amateur knows exactly how to do the job.

So happy that 6dongdong now has its bro, hoping these ones will grow big together.


UNISIX Signature Jacket Denim & Signature T Shades | Adidas SLVR sneakers | ALDO shades


  1. Hi, at the first sight, I am ỉmpressive to your products. The combination in color as well as the creativity in motifs.
    So, just going your current path, keep being creative and follow your mind.

    It’s fine soon. Good luck!

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