Being a Day Dreamer

1 - CoverI chose to be a day dreamer, even though I clearly know that with my personality and how realistic I am, being a day dreamer is quite impossible. Anyway it was, and is, and will be my characteristic, I mean why don’t we try to live like a little kid for a little while. I have no reason to say no.

A day dreamer can be whoever and whatever, so I want to be an astronaut right now to enjoy the space, it must be very quiet out there. I want to look at this Earth from the outside, is it as beautiful as what I always see on movies? And there’s nobody around, where I can be alone, all I have is today, don’t have to care about tomorrow. Gosh, I want to fly up there so bad.


6dongdong Clouds tee & Hato Denim shorts | Converse sneakers | Claire’s rings

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