1 - CoverI must be very brave to wear all black in Saigon heat these days. Since the temperature raised up, for months I can’t bare to wear black and skinny jeans anymore. That’s why I just miss myself in all black every thing so I want to be back to my favorite color. Saigon is very naughty at this time of the year, because rainy season is here so running around can be extreme hot or extreme wet, and it’s total unpredictable.

I have this kinda weird hobbies, looking at shadow on the ground, especially strong source of light such as the sun. Shadow is nothing without light, I find it’s interesting to capture the shape of it on the ground. Seem like the thing we want to hide is strongly shield under the light, and the stronger people want to know you the harder you resist telling them.

Time to have some rest, holiday is now.


6dongdong Dare dress | Mango skinny jeans | Palladium sneakers

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