Summer yet?

1 - CoverI’ve been freaking busy lately that I can’t feel like blogging anymore. And then I think I have to stop for a second to look around, it’s summer in the air I guess. Schools are closed and kids are enjoying their very first days of summer break. I have a long list of what to do and where to go this summer, that’s the reason why I have to work triple hard to finish my work before hopping on the plane and fly away.

Everyone loves going to the beach when summer comes, is it because of the weather or because of the sea? I am not really into swimming or tanning kinda thing but I love watching the sunset (’cause I can’t get up on time to see the sun rises so…). I had a very short trip to Halong Bay earlier this May, the place is still beautiful and epic, next post will have some photos I took when I was there. I’ve been there before, about 8 years ago I guess, was so glad to be back to get away from busy cities for a while.

Hope that my work will be done on time and I’ll have an amazing summer.


6dongdong Basix Cobalt tee & Hato Coco shorts | Converse sneakers

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