1 - CoverThe girl in black was back from her amazing adventure and feeling so bored right now.

I know that this reality is somehow what I love the most in my life, but you know, the feeling when you’re back from a free life to your normal busy-bee life is quite depressed. I have plenty of things to do in my small business and so ready to do it now, just a little of emotion and a little of sadness.

Photos are from my Singapore trip (again), ’cause it takes me like forever these days for sitting down and editing my own photos. Very in love with the new tee of 6dongdong, because it is way too tropical, way too summer, and it’s based on black – which is my favorite color. By the way, I’m kinda tanned now, which is not my fave skin tone anyway. Summer and beaches, I think it means enough.


6dongdong Tropi 06 tee & Hato Muu shorts | Marc by Marc Jacobs bag | Cotton On sunglasses | Converse sneakers
Photos taken by my friend – Linh Pop

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