That something


Going back to the time I was in Le Coral Hideaway Beyond Phuket, feel like ages ago even though in fact it was just last month. I was lost in time and space for a while, when there was nothing that seems to be important anymore. I ask myself that same question over and over again ‘Is it really matter?’ – all the things around me right now, is it really that important?

It was so peaceful there, and it made me feel like I can stop trying for a while, not to enjoy life but to live like a normal person once again. It might seem stupid but it is exactly what I feel right now, I want to learn how to live my life all over again. I really don’t know how can a person thinks that she/he is living the very wrong way. How can we figure it out on our own?

A stubborn kid like me who never thinks that I am wrong at any point, never feel like making any mistake with myself, never want to change until now. Suddenly I have so many things in my mind that I feel like I need a turning point, to let something go, to accept new things and to stop overthinking. So okay, I’ll take this chance to change, I admit that it was wrong anyway, that I have to fix it one way or another, hopefully it will get better & I’ll be better.


@Le Coral Hideaway Beyond Phuket, Phuket, Thailand
6dongdong Sitri tank top & Energetic dungaree | Photos taken by Kunl Tran

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