Ocean blue


Am I right? The ocean is blue and that’s why they call it ocean blue.

Those days in Krabi looking at the ocean, I can see myself as a tiny little stupid thing among all those waves and winds and mountains. Sometimes it’s so hard to say exactly what’s in my mind, I’m kinda lost in my own world. However I realize so many new things these days, I mean the time I spend with every little difficult situations in life, and I always know what I want when I reach the end of this road. I try to stay a hungry kid, and move forward not backward, and of course stop moving whenever I want to. Okay, this post is not everything in my mind right now, it’s just a brief description, and dedicate to show off photos. I don’t really love the ocean, I just want to see it again right now.


Photos taken by Kunl Tran @ Krabi, Thailand

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