Lazy day out


As time goes by, my passion of dressing up nicely is kinda reduced to the bottom of everything and one of the most important reason is: I can’t always wear black because the weather is so hot (just like hell, literally).

I stock hundreds of boy shirt/ baseball shirt/ oversize tee for top and skinny jeans/ sweatpants for bottom in multiple colors to start my game of matching. It’s way too hard for me because I’m always have a single color minded girl, I can’t go fluently with more than 1 color because it will make me wondering so much about right and wrong. I tried, of course, but I’m feeling like that’s not my strength. However, experience as much as possible is the way I live, for so many times of failure, I can find myself satisfy at some points, and I fin it’s exciting.

One of my go to look is shirt and skinny jeans, backpack and sneakers. We can’t be comfy without your comfy items, I always choose my fave whenever I’m lazy. And yes, a day out in Bangkok with my bff last summer (LAST SUMMER!), I can’t believe how fast time flies.

At this moment, I don’t feel anything more than working and finding something else to work on. Because you know, not all of us knows exactly how to get what you want. Everything we do in our life, I mean most of the things we do, is to find the right way to work things out. In my point of view, this journey is fun and adventurous, I can keep moving on for now. And the biggest and always the hardest lesson I learn in life is: ‘Hope for the best, prepare for the worst’, which means whenever you feel like settling down, that’s exactly the point of time life will screw you up. I am at that moment now (not for the first time, but yes, I’m still confused.)

All I can do now is rebuild everything again, I know. Everything starts from the very beginning, what a long story to tell.



6dongdong’s shirt | Pull & Bear skinny jeans | Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack
@Bangkok, Thailand
Photos taken by Chi Mai

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