Having fun

Covering my under eye dark circle is always a mission of no way to be completed, so this post is a fun solution for my biggest problem. Shooting and styling with the best team: Make up by Chi Mai & Hair styling by Kunl Tran.

It’s much better letting go of all the sorrow and start to live without worries, I mean that who I was before, even though it can’t be cured 100% but somehow I feel fine now. People with crazy mind like me can easily be lost in their own world, where the only thing that matters is sadness and depressions. I learn by heart the lesson of not judging people from how they look on the outside, because I can never know how they truly feel (and even if they honestly tell me how they feel, I won’t buy it). I can look extremely happy and laugh  and make people laugh all the time, and I like that side of me – not that I fake it, but the other side of me is not that nice.

So after all, I decided to have fun and only fun at this time of my life!

IMG_6471 copyIMG_6465 copyIMG_6488 copy

Tee and shorts by 6dongdong

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