Last night,

I took a look back at who I was 2-3 years ago on this blog, and damn I feel so surprised by the way I dressed up aka styling myself – ‘How could I wear like that and bravely waked out on the street?’ – I had tons of disaster outfits, which make me realize that I was struggled for so long in styling my own self. My fave colors is still black, my fave size is still oversize, and my fave source of inspiration is still Japanese street style, how on Earth I’ve been so inconsistent and no-style-at-all on my so called ‘Style blog’ ?

And then I have to admit that I’m the type of person who is always too lazy to finish anything. I always have the urge of creating, of making new clothes, of styling new looks, but all of them is half done. I really hate myself for being like that, creation takes time and effort, I cannot be lazy and want a perfect result. Yes, not until now I realize that flaw in me, but yes again, I didn’t try to fix it.

Last of all, I am a person of anxiety. I’m not sure about what people gonna think, and it is always bugging me. Why am I spending so much time on worrying about people’s opinions? I’m not even famous, not so many ones out there care about this blog (and I truly appreciate who does)? So why am I wasting my time on those who don’t care at all?

I’ve been like that for too long, pretended to be someone else but not me for way too long.

Guess that I should fix it now.


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