el x SIN May ’17

Super short trip reuniting with my old friends and having so much good food. This time really changes my bad impression, not to the good point, but I do think the place is so-so now. Yea, I don’t like Singapore so much, that’s the truth, never try to hide it. The place is just not my right type of place – the overall atmosphere not the people, I love places which is colorful, crowded but not too noisy (Saigon is noisy but I love Saigon, my city so I can be unfair), and had the unique feeling when I stay there (this is my own feeling so cannot be explained)

My friend let me stay at her condo, very nice and quiet place. I had time on my own to look around the central, which pretty much the same from the last time I was there (hah!). But overall, it was so much fun and worth every moments.


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