29 | Post No.01

Here are some first photos on twoohnine – our shared Instagram style account. I love doing this style account with my BFF, I think we look so good together as lovers or as friends. It’s almost 10 years of friendship, us since college day until now – I just realized that a few days ago and told her then received a briefly response: ‘We better find a way to break up’. This is always a joke between us, we never wanna be together, let alone sticking together for that long, we didn’t choose to become friends, things just happened, and here we are getting kinda old together (haha).

At first, I wanted to do a blog post for each photo of us but somehow could not keep up with the idea so I decided that reposting is enough. Oh looking at these photos really makes me miss my cool hair so bad. These days, laziness overcomes everything and I don’t wanna spend 5 hours sitting at the hair salon so I just let it be whatever it wanna be.

Photos taken by Hấu Niêu

Insta_Black CamoInsta_Black


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