Denim playsuit

Actually I posted this one on 6dongdong blog couple weeks ago, however I am trying to start the new concept for this one, and yes, personal style and personal feeling so I repost this one.

Playsuits is suddenly becoming my fave, I was quite into one piece, is it a sign of laziness? And I have to admit that my personal style may not consistent, because I don’t feel like wearing the same style for everything. I have my working style, my airport style (sweatpants and tee and jacket, don’t have much to say), my travel style (I travel with at least 2 pairs of sneakers), my party style (pretty sure I haven’t mastered this bc I always wear black oversize top and sneakers as I recall), my casual style and my boyish style, all of them are totally different from each other. My work (as a designer), for example, is heavy and rough, it requires me sweating all over at the market and carrying a lot of stuff, I can’t wear my favorite maxi dress to do those things, impossible. And yes I love black, but I also love large printed cartoon face on tee and colorful skinny jeans and vertical tripes and camouflage pattern and gold/silver colored stuff and denim, I can keep going on with the list.

One more thing, I’m easily bored. There was time when I loved rings and bought lots of them, now I only wear my favorite skull one – only one! There was time when I love sunglasses, bought as many as possible, now stick with the black one. These days, I’m into socks, collecting more than 30 pairs and still looking for more. And so on… However, the only thing that hasn’t change is sneaker, never feel enough (haha).

So, I myself cannot define my style, I just know exactly what I want to wear and which material is my fave, other things depend on my mood and my schedule.

Photos by Hấu Niêu



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