Closet talk. People.


I don’t like seeing people way too clear,

I never want to know exactly how people are and the actual way they treat me. Because most of the time, I feel disappointed. And I will naturally withdraw from the relationship that makes me feel abused and abandoned in any forms. You know, disrespecting is a form of abusing in my dictionary, if you think the person that you’re having a relationship with is worth your time, why do you make him/her feel disrespected (the list goes on with ‘lying, being ignored, over joking, being rude,…)? I know I’m not the one that easily pleased, but I don’t need to be pleased, I just want to be treated fairly and that’s enough.

This world is crazy, when people think they have the rights to control other people’s life. Who are they anyway?

If there’s anyone having problems with the way I live, go fk yourself, hard. The moment you think that someone else is right, you abandon your own self completely. Let me tell you this, you can kill people if you want to, but you need a reason to do so and you need to be responsible for killing someone. People might hate you, but they cannot judge you, as long as you know what you’re doing and deal with the final result.

I have my own sins which I have to live with everyday, cannot erase them, cannot forget them. I live with them because I have to remember how bad as a person I was, to not make that same mistake again. And yes, I think I have enough problems in life, I don’t need more.



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