OOTD 180430

This is one of my favorite sweatshirt, of course it’s not suitable for Saigon temperature but it’s keeping me warm during 8 hours at work. Anyway, I don’t need any reason to buy what I like.

I have to say that being surrounded by people making me feel so tired, however I’m back to office life now, I have to deal with it more seriously. For now, my solution is staying home as much as I can during weekends, spending my alone time to put my mind back together. This blog has been neglected, and I feel pretty bad about it. This place is my chill out zone and it’s been up here for like 6 years, can you imagine how much of my life this place is holding? I need time to get used to the whole new environment at work, and adjusting myself to fit in with a new schedule. I thought it would be fast, but somehow it took wayyyy much more time.

I’m enjoying my holidays now, not with a calm soul but still very nice. Spending my whole day watching my fave Youtubers, cleaning the house, rolling up and down on Pinterest, styling my next week outfits and planing my future (hah).

Yes, that’s it for today post. I’m off to prepare for a shoot tomorrow.


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