Random thoughts

Wearing this blazer for the 3rd time.

This outfit is how I tried to style my company tee, I ain’t so pleased wearing what everyone else does. I don’t mean to be rude, it’s just me who was feeling not so fine so I had to dress up a bit.

I was inspired by my best friend, and before I realize that effect I stocked up my closet with 4 brand new blazers. However I didn’t find any chance to style them *sad face* because of the weather here and not having the right situation. Anyway, the point is I’m exploring how to style office pieces, like blazer and tailored pants, in my own way of wearing things. They are sooo new to me, but I’ve been following this style for quite long and learn how to adapt it on my body.

And here are my random thoughts just to fit the title of this post,

– There are so many things in my life which I forgot or forced myself to forget, somehow I forgot the person I want to become when was a child, and actually I am having no clue who I want to become right now.

– Watching Japanese lucky bag vid on Youtube really makes me wanna scream. I’ve been avoiding watching those vids for months but now I have to finish them all just like a very great way to torture myself (Good job el, good job!)

– Code Blue season 3 is soooo amazinggg !!!

– I’m reading ‘It’s not me, it’s you’, ‘Can you keep a secret’ and ‘Hãy để yên cho bác sĩ hiền’ right now, and I always find myself in another dimension while reading – it’s like a better place.


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