It’s been a very long week when work happened.

And I’m wearing Shonen Jump x Uniqlo UT with my favorite Dragon Balls’ hero. I made a very short trip to Singapore 2 weeks ago, targeting buying this shirt since I heard of the collab. I can’t say no to Dragon Balls, especially Goku, because it was the reason made me the one who I am today. I developed my interest for Manga and Art in general because of reading it since I was 7 years old. Doraemon is for the heart and soul, on the other hand, Dragon Balls and Conan and some other manga are for me to learn from. Remember back then, I was just a little kid sitting on the floor with pencil in my hand, trying so hard copying every characters. I ended up not being a mangaka (which I spend lots of time working on this path), but never ever regret those time. My childhood was filled up with all of those nice things, because we didn’t have much to entertain so reading manga was the only option.

The dream that lead me going on a very different path, but I never quit loving and will never stop drowning myself into the world of manga which I love so much. Life is funny somehow, I might have to walk a very long way just to be back to where I used to be. And I wish someday I could be back.

Now enjoying my precious weekends, yay!

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