My kinda crazy side

I spend all my life being normal on the outside, rebel just for a little bit of my hair, but somehow I know how crazy I can be, it just not the right time and the right place for my craziness to come out haha. I hate talking too much, I hate seeing myself somewhere I don’t belong to, and yes I hate people. I have reasons for things that I hate, but let’s just shorten them all to my very weird and crazy self, the way I look at everything is not the same as other people, and that’s it.

I always try to be true to myself, I don’t hang around with things I don’t like, relationships or connections will be good if they are real good and will be destroyed if they’re suck. I stop myself from pleasing everyone, it hurts inside out when I try so hard being how people think I should be. A lot of things happened in my life and I don’t want to remember anything, I want to forget the hardship, never let sadness win and yes fight for what I need.

I’m a crazy kid never wanna change.

One good (and also bad) news of this week is I spent all my money on sneakers and for sure can’t wait to see them. However it takes months for things from the US arriving here, still having my hope very high for those lovely babies. It’s been quite long since my last time I have the interest in buying new sneakers, i don’t know why the feeling just vanished, but it’s back now, so glad that I’m into shoes once again.

I finished a new Japanese drama last week, however this one didn’t impress me much that I lost my motivation watching another one. I have to fill my time with fiction and Pinterest and making some new tees. Oh yes, I’m soooo into tee and pants these days, simple and very appropriate for rainy season of Saigon.



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