Spending time

Life is really a journey which don’t really like to take, haha.

Anyway, I’ve been spending time on so many useless things, work is included. I always have a thought that if earning money is the reason to work, it’s not a good reason. I love working, and I can work day and night without feeling bad about it, but if the only reason is money so that’s useless to me. Money is important to me, but not important enough to give up everything. However, right now I set a new target and money is a major part so doing useless thing is not so useless anymore. Such a huge conflict inside my brain, I guess.

I would love to spend my time spinning around my own world, with music and movies, making clothes, seeing how people response to my design, and yes being a lazy kid again. As long as I’m feeling fine, everything else doesn’t matter, doing things that we love is never a burden.

Just a sum up of what’s in my head right now, I still like what I’m working on, if not I quit already. Because I’m that type of person, I don’t like people who complaining all the time about work, if you don’t like it that much, just quit it. If you cannot quit, so stop complaining.

/ photo taken by Trung Dang /

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