Doraemon x Murakami by Uniqlo

I am in love with Doraemon and Takashi Murakami, no doubt.

And yes when the news about the collaboration came out I could not wait anymore, however, I’ve been waiting for a few months to get my hand on them (hah). During my last trip to Bangkok, I was so lucky that there’s some left at Uniqlo in kid’s section. Actually there’re plenty left but not the right size so I had to ignore them, and before that, I did ask my friend to buy me some from the US store. Anyway, I have them all in the end, that’s what matters.

And one more thing, I guess my style is changing (like said sometimes before), I keep adding more and more selections into my wardrobe, such as choker, Mom jeans (never worn any before), hi-waisted wide legged pants (NEVER think I will wear them), and yes fitted tee (like the one I’m wearing here), pajamas (Oh no not the silky one for sure), and I’m still on my way exploring what I want to wear next. I just want to keep the options open, so I can style anything I want into my own style (I’m kinda thinking of bodysuit and laces right now, what a change!)

Life’s being a bit busy and tons of thing needs to be managed right now, it’s really like the life that I love, minus some details. However I feel better drowning myself in work than having so much free time. My mind won’t have any room to think about other problems, and my life will seem to be fine.

/ photo by my friend – Trung Dang /

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